Trump Looms over Nevada Senate GOP Primary as MAGA Candidates Rush to his Defense

MAGA election denier Jim Marchant flocks to Trump’s side following arraignment

The race for the Republican presidential nomination is just getting started, but Donald Trump is already looming over the Nevada Senate GOP primary as candidates rush to defend Trump and prove their allegiance to his brand of MAGA extremism. 

MAGA election denier Jim Marchant flocked to Donald Trump’s side during his press conference and fundraiser at Bedminster yesterday, following Trump’s arraignment on 37 counts related to his handling of classified documents. 

And he’s not the only MAGA candidate attempting to get on Donald Trump’s good side – rumored Senate candidate Sam Brown was quick to defend Trump after recently promoting a “Stop the Steal” activist and January 6 participant. 

Johanna Warshaw, Spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic State Party
“Jim Marchant just set the litmus test that all other Republican Senate candidates in Nevada will have to follow: prove your loyalty to Trump and his MAGA agenda, or risk losing the key voters who will decide their primary.” 


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