VETO WATCH: Clock Is Ticking as Gun Safety Bills Hit Lombardo’s Desk

Start the 5 Day Countdown for Lombardo to Stand with Nevadans or Sell Them Out to the Gun Lobby

After passing the Democratic-led legislature, three gun violence prevention bills, AB354, AB355, and SB171, have officially landed on Governor Lombardo’s desk. Since he’s kept quiet on nearly every bill so far, all eyes are watching to see if he’ll sign or veto them as the five day clock starts counting down. Will Lombardo side with the gun lobby, or will he stand with the majority of Nevadans who support these gun safety measures?

“Lombardo has spent his first five months as governor doing what he does best – refusing to take a stance on anything,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Mallory Payne. “But the silent treatment is no longer an option now that common sense gun safety bills that are overwhelmingly backed by Nevadans have hit his desk. The clock is ticking for Lombardo to show who he stands for – Nevadans, or the extreme gun lobby.”

Nevada was home to the deadliest mass shooting in modern history on October 1, 2017. Gun violence has continued to impact communities across the country; these bills come on the heels of a string of mass shootings in recent weeks. So far, there have been more mass shootings than days in 2023.



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