What Last Night’s Caucus Results Mean for the Nevada Senate GOP Primary

Last night, the Nevada GOP held their rigged caucus for Donald Trump – putting a national spotlight on Trump’s chokehold over their party and showing just how far the MAGA candidates running for U.S. Senate are having to go to try to earn his support. 

Here’s what last night’s chaos caucus results mean for the MAGA-fueled Senate primary:

Trump will continue to drive Republican in-fighting, as candidates work overtime to out-Trump each other in hopes of earning his backing and appealing to the MAGA base. 

  • Jeff Gunter has bragged about being a Trump-appointed ambassador since day one, saying that he is a 110% Trump candidate. 
  • Jim Marchant, one of the biggest promoters of Donald Trump’s lies of a “stolen 2020 election,” has consistently played up his Trump ties and even hosted a fundraiser at Mar-A-Lago. 
  • Sam Brown has endorsed Trump in an exclusive to Breitbart News, emphasized all of the times he volunteered for Trump, and even hosted GOTV events for Trump in Las Vegas in preparation for the rigged caucus. 

By embracing their party’s all but certain presidential nominee, every Senate candidate will be forced to defend his toxic MAGA agenda. Over the past few months alone, Trump has:

  • Bragged about being responsible for overturning Roe v. Wade.
  • Said that he hoped the U.S. economy would crash in 2024 because it would be good for his campaign. 
  • Pledged to renew efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act if elected, which would rip away health care from millions of Americans.

The Nevada Republican Party is deeply fractured, disorganized, and stuck in a perpetual mess of their own making. 

  • The Nevada GOP’s rigged caucus created to ensure Trump would win created so much chaos and confusion that the state party “worried” about voters even turning out. 
  • Axios reports that: “Caucus sites weren’t finalized until early January, and the Nevada GOP currently only has just one paid full-time staffer.”
  • The Nevada GOP was so concerned about their caucus mess that they worked to block the public and the media from covering it. 

Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Katharine Kurz:

“The Nevada caucus results are in, and the clear losers are the Republican Senate candidates who will keep spending the rest of the primary season fighting over who is most aligned with the MAGA wing of their party. With five more months to go until this bitter primary is over, it’s only going to get messier and more chaotic as the candidates fight among themselves to prove their allegiance to Donald Trump and his toxic agenda.”



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